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CyNation Sq.jpg

CyNation help organisations improve their security and compliance posture by providing innovative, automated solutions against cyber threats.

Futurae sq.png

Futurae make the authentication process easier and safer for users and companies, offering them an innovative authentication suite which is AI-based.

capnovum sq 500.png

A RegTech startup challenging global consulting through use of artificial intelligence and automation. Capnovum’s platform helps clients discover regulations applicable to their business model and keep up-to-date on regulatory news.

Headstart Logo.png

Headstart is a recruiting platform that uses Machine Learning, contextual and predictive algorithms. Specifically, to help companies identify the best-suited candidates in the shortest amount of time and match students with best-fit job opportunities at a large range of companies.

Loqr Logo Sq.png

Loqr have developed a simple to use Authentication Solution, using state-of-the-art cryptographic protocols, making it the only Single Factor and/or Multi Factor Authentication solution that simplifies the entire Authentication process.


Blockwise Logo Sq sml.png

Blockwise is a blockchain consultancy. Their Dlock platform allows users to regain the ownership of their data while ensuring the companies are GDPR compliant using blockchain for managing user consents.


appliedblockchain_color sq.png

 Applied Blockchain is a full stack blockchain applications development and consulting firm. Using their Mantle technical framework, the company develops cross-industry blockchain solutions for both start up and corporate clients.


Sunlight sq.png

Sunlight helps companies grow an engaging learning culture by facilitating their team’s access to any book, event, or course in the world. Specifically, the platform lets businesses allocate each team member with a learning and development budget.

Counter Craft Sq.png

CounterCraft is a pioneering provider of cyber deception and counterintelligence products to detect targeted attacks. Its Distributed Deception Platform deploys deception-based campaigns and offers deep monitoring and complex response actions, with a real-time active response and zero false positives

CyberOwl Logo Sq.png

CyberOwl offers an early warning system for cyber attacks through real-time monitoring of high value targets for malicious behaviour by applying a Bayesian-based framework to analyse indicators associated with early stages of such activity.


Harmony Platform Sq Logo.png

Harmony is a platform that allows businesses to unlock the potential of mobile by empowering non-technical colleagues to build and launch native mobile apps on demand within a secure environment.


Divido Sq.png

Divido is a ‘Finance as a Service’ provider; a platform for merchants, lenders and intermediaries that want to offer instant instalments as a payment option. Retailers that start to offer instant finance increase footfall, basket size and conversation rates.


nuggets 500x500.jpg

The end of vast, vulnerable customer databases minimises regulatory and reputational risks. Nuggets reduces losses from fraud, false positives and fraudulent chargebacks. And increases revenue. All with the privacy and security of blockchain.

focaldata 2.jpg

Focaldata is a technology platform for deep consumer insight. Using cutting-edge data science to dramatically improve the accuracy and granularity of traditional polling. That way, clients understand public opinion and enjoy the power of a million person survey from the sample size of a few thousand. 

Xelix Logo Sq.png

Xelix generates savings for buyers by automating the process of early settlement discount. Xelix enables large corporates to offer early payment to their suppliers in return for small discounts on their outstanding invoices.


Helppier Logo Sq.png

Helppier is an on-site customer support tool that enables companies to create interactive user guides and onboarding walkthroughs, without any coding or programming skills. This helps companies drastically reduce costs on support lines.


Sentisum icon.jpg

SentiSum is a technology start-up which is leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to help enterprises gain competitive advantage. Our current focus is to help our clients reduce customer churn, improve user engagement and brand monitoring.


Avvoka sq.png

Avvoka is a contract creation, workflow and analytics tool, transforming sales agreements in the cloud, enabling businesses using Avvoka to close deals in record time.


Avora Sq.png

AVORA is a business performance platform for everyone. It improves a business’s focus on commercial excellence and reduces cost of data storage, hosting and reporting.


My Bot.jpeg

Digitteria, a personal information management startup whose myBot application enables users to exchange data with brands for financial and personalised rewards.


NuCypher sq.png

NuCypher is a security and encryption platform for organisation’s big data platforms, whether on premise or in the cloud. Unlike existing security and encryption tools, NuCypher doesn’t require trade-offs between security, performance, and functionality.


We love work sq.jpg

We Love Work is a hiring app that predicts culture fit and measures values alignment between individuals and teams. It can be used to benchmark the values and motivations of top-performing employees and predict candidates who are the best fit for the company culture.


Waymark Tech sq.png

Waymark Tech offers a platform that breaks regulations down by turning the complex into prescriptive actions, leveraging the latest in natural language processing to deliver at a speed, scale and cost not currently possible using manual methods.


Device Pilot Sq.png

DevicePilot provides live status dashboards, operational analytics and the ability to automatically remedy problems in live IoT device estates, allowing organisations to strengthen customer service reputation and reduce operational service time and costs.