This month our ambassadors and startup alumni founders are sharing a tip a day for startups looking to better engage with corporates.

Day 2 sees Neil Ryland share his tip below:

Neil expands on his tip below:

I often get asked in interviews what are the most successful traits of talented people I work with or know. Or in personal development plans with my team, people want to understand how they can improve on a certain skill. There will always be tactical skills and behavioural changes that will be needed to answer these question. But for me it always boils down to just two principles that they live and breathe during their work life:

Discipline and Focus

To be a good listener you must have the DISCIPLINE to seek to understand and not be understood. To be a great leader, you have to make the tough decisions and have the DISCIPLINE to follow things through and lead by example even when it would be easier to cut the corner. Most importantly, you must have the DISCIPLINE to do what you say you will do!

How do you make this easier? You apply FOCUS! People that have no focus, often become very busy but lack the ability to deliver on what they say are they going to do! They bounce between tasks or work on things that are not the things that move the needle the most at that point in time.

Addressing this comes down to creating tags on your work - Priority and Urgent. If it has both tags then it gets done first, then it's your priority items and lastly if it's urgent but not a priority why is it urgent?!

This simple model applied in a list view will help you become more successful in everything you do.