2018 is well under way, as is our masterclass sessions for the 8 startups that have joined our Q1 schedule. In the coming months the teams will get to meet and engage with our corporate ambassador network while our ambassadors will get the chance to learn more about the new technologies and solutions coming to market and making waves across various industries.

More information about each of our startups are detailed below:




A RegTech startup challenging global consulting through use of artificial intelligence and automation. Capnovum’s platform helps clients discover regulations applicable to their business model and keep up-to-date on regulatory news.


Counter Craft.png


CounterCraft is a pioneering provider of cyber deception and counterintelligence products to detect targeted attacks. Its Distributed Deception Platform deploys deception-based campaigns and offers deep monitoring and complex response actions, with a real-time active response and zero false positives.




CyNation is a security & compliance automation company. It improves organisations’ cyber & digital resilience by providing innovative and automated cyber security and compliance solutions and services that encompass people, processes and technology.

focaldata 2.jpg


focaldata is a technology platform for deep consumer insight. Using cutting-edge data science to dramatically improve the accuracy and granularity of traditional polling. That way, clients understand public opinion and enjoy the power of a million person survey from the sample size of a few thousand. 




Futurae empowers companies to deploy state of the art IT security while improving the customer journey. Through user friendly solutions, businesses can increase their customers’ satisfaction while gaining confidence in their ability to protect sensitive user data.


Headstart Logo.png


Headstart uses Machine Learning technology to help employers identify the best-suited talent in the shortest period of time. We provide leading organisations with a solution designed to help them transition away from experience/qualification based screening and towards a more inclusive and effective process which considers personality, behaviours, strengths and motivations.


nuggets 2 - 500x500.jpg


The end of vast, vulnerable customer databases minimises regulatory and reputational risks. Nuggets reduces losses from fraud, false positives and fraudulent chargebacks. And increases revenue. All with the privacy and security of blockchain.


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Sunlight helps companies grow an engaging learning culture by facilitating their team’s access to any book, event, or course in the world. Specifically, the platform lets businesses allocate each team member with a learning and development budget.

We take on startups every quarter so make an application today to have a better chance of making the next cut! Learn more and apply here.