In the past week, we launched our first in a series of masterclasses for our latest batch of disruptive B2B startups to join Momentum. These masterclasses will prepare the 8 startups joining us in Q2 for our Ambassador Evening and subsequent market validation sessions and one to ones with senior corporate leaders.

On July 3rd our corporate ambassador network will get to meet the 8 industry agnostic B2B startups and hear from them as they showcase what they do, why they do it and give examples of the positive difference they have made on companies already. Our Ambassador Evening will be held at the Post Office HQ who we're partnering with to host the event and showcase some of the UK's most innovative up and coming tech businesses.

As Momentum continues to support our corporate members with their digital transformation and innovation activities, we continue to expand our network of growing startups bringing the latest technology and innovative processes to market. Having a close ear to the ground and access to the ever changing shift in market and indusry behavious ensures our corporate members are staying at the forefront of change as we help them futureproof their businesses.  

So without further ado, let us introduce the 8 teams joining the #MomentumStartups community:




DPG - DP Governance

DPG finds data protection vulnerabilities in organisations and helps build a robust and repeatable approach to data protection.

Founders: Nick Alexander, Steve Mellings

Funding as of June 2018: £250,000

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Envision makes payments personal and fraud a thing of the past. Spiral360™ combines AI with human fraud detection expertise to predict and recognise fraudulent patterns in a transaction.

Founders: Bashir Khairy

Funding as of June 2018: £650,000

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FairQuid Logo Rectangle.png


FairQuid believe everyone should have access to fair financial products. They are a platform that challenges the inherent discrimination, around access and cost, within the industry. We want to break the cycle of debt and foster a strong habit of personal savings and financial fitness.

Founders: Vishal Jain, Peter Kondacs, Wayne Wild

Funding as of June 2018: £110,000

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Intelligent Robots Logo.png

Intelligent Robots

Intelligent Robots develops easy-to-use, flexible mobile robots to automate material transport that can be deployed in a matter of hours.

Founders: Zheng Lin, Kaiyan Xiao

Funding as of June 2018: £1,200,000

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Limitless Logo.png


Limitless Insight

Limitless provides location intelligence, customer insights as well as the ability to market through its personal recommendation engine live in store.

Founders: Gary McDonald 

Funding as of June 2018: £600,000

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The Email Messenger allows users to manage all their emails, teams, messages and files in one place. Loop eliminates the old way of sharing by introducing a new and interactive way to get work done quicker. 

Founders: Bostjan Bregar 

Funding as of June 2018: £7,000,000

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PSYT Logo.png



PSYT exists to help individuals live happy, fulfilling and productive lives. They accomplish this by providing real-time wellbeing and culture analytics for individuals and organisations.

Founders: George MacKerron, Matthew Castle, Nicholas Begley

Funding as of June 2018: $547,000 

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Zaptic Logo.png



Zaptic is the operations improvement platform, changing the way SOPs are digitised and knowledge shared in the enterprise to drive operational efficiency, excellence and agility.

Founders: Richard Milnes, Sandy Reid 

Funding as of June 2018: £1,790,000

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