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The UK continues to be an attractive market for startups growing their local and international presence and Momentum now counts over 50 startups we’ve been able to support in closing the gap between themselves and large enterprises.

This quarter has been a busy one as we see 8 new startups join us, looking to validate their businesses proposition with large enterprises across a multitude of industry vertices.

In 2019, the Momentum team have looked at over 500 companies covering a broad spectrum of technologies, and it proved a challenge whittling down offers to just 8 startups. Each company provides a unique solutions to respective challenges experienced in various industries. We typically profiled SMEs with some initial traction looking to gain insights into the enterprise market, as they look to grow and adapt to the challenges that come with a large enterprise pipeline.

The B2B tech startups for this edition are detailed below:

1. UrbanBuz - UrbanBuz is a cloud-based customer engagement platform enabling businesses to capture & analyse data, and incentivise & engage customers.

2. Profluo - Profluo provides many business operations management applications to its clients. Its offerings include supplier relationship management software; Source to Pay; Hire-to-Retire; Employee Absence management and payroll management application.

3. Contiamo - Contiamo is a SaaS analytics solution that integrates data from multiple sources into one place, providing its users with a tool to explore and monitor data from the convenience of their browser. It wants to make the process of consolidating and evaluating data sources easier and more efficient. It helps create ad-hoc reports with metrics from different data sources and generate drag-and-drop visualisations.

4. Interimarket - Interimarket is a job board and networking platform to source interim talent. Candidates can search for jobs based on keywords and location. Provides an interface to connect, message, collaborate within groups. Claims to use algorithms to match candidates to the jobs posted. Employers can create videos along with the company profiles to market their brand.

5. Brytlyt - Brytlyt provides a GPU Database & Analytics Platform for processing on Big Data. Product Brytlyt is a GPU powered database built on PostgreSQL and Spotlyt is a visualisation tool that helps scientists and analysts get real-time analysis and visually discover correlations and anomalies in row datasets.

6. Risk Ledger - Risk Ledger is the first, fully scalable, third-party assurance platform. It allows companies to conduct third-party assurance over their entire supply chain for little cost, and with just one part-time member of staff managing the entire programme, including remediation.

7. Idea Drop - Idea Drop is a cloud-based idea management platform for businesses. Idea Drop allows employees to drop share ideas or feedback with the team (with optional cloaking option). Also, employees can share commercial or operational challenges to a wider group and set a deadline & offer up rewards.

8. Heed - Heed works with leading companies across the globe to revolutionise the way that users interact with their digital world. Through Heed’s cutting-edge platform, a complex jumble of emails and enterprise systems becomes a single, easy-to-use interface.

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