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+ What’s the entry criteria?

Companies should have a B2B or B2B2C focussed product, sufficient funding or revenue generating and will be looking to validate potential markets and test assumptions with large corporates. We also expect products are developed ready for market.

+ What's the application process?

a. Follow this link for our application page. Once submitted, the Momentum team will review your application, assuming you meet our criteria, you will be asked to provide further company details.

b. Subject to eligibility, you'll then be invited for an interview with the Momentum team to discuss your business model, strategy and ambitions.

c. Successful candidates will then be referred to a final-round interview with our Programme Director. Subject to this meeting, a formal offer will be extended.

+ What are the events during the programme

We run the following events:

a. Investor Lunch - founders will have the opportunity to pitch to an invite-only group of angels, VCs and family offices.

b. Ambassador Evening - founders will have the opportunity to meet most of our ambassadors in an informal environment. This is where you get to show off to get them interested.

c. Market Validation Sessions - founders will closely engage with corporates from target verticals on a one to one basis. Sessions bring together both parties to validate the product or service ensuring strong product market fit, understand pain points and start conversations around commercial opportunities.

+ What’s the time commitment for the programme?

The time commitments for our cohort would normally be one or two meetings per week - we do not expect your attendance in London for the whole 12-week period.

+ Where does the programme take place?

The majority of the programme will be based in the city - with various locations hosting our events across London.

+ Who are the Ambassadors?

The corporate ambassadors are from varied backgrounds - but are all senior executives, scaleup founders, and top level influencers at some of the most successful corporates and startups in the UK.

+ What can I expect from ambassadors?

Our corporate ambassadors offer members of our cohort the opportunity to learn about the internal workings, goals and needs of their respective companies. You will have the chance to meet various influential contacts from large enterprises that can help you better understand the pull from the market and open commercial conversations should there be fit. Ambassadors will offer detailed feedback on your company’s story and proposition, and new opportunities created by relevant introductions to key decision makers within their network.

+ How much does it cost?

For access to the programme, we charge a one-time fee of £5,000 + V.A.T - provided your application to the Programme is successful. No equity is taken. We think this represents the best terms for later stage startups.

+ Do you provide work space?

We do not provide work space as part of our programme.

+ Do you provide funding and/or take equity?

Though we do not provide funding, we have events on our programme to meet with leading VCs and investors that could potentially invest in your business. We do not take equity - just a one-time fee, provided your application is successful.

+ We are already bootstrapped and are not in need of funding at the moment. Is this still a good programme for us?

Yes - though we have capacity for meetings with VCs and investors, the Momentum programme serves more as an engaging opportunity to validate your proposition with large companies. It also involves the invaluable opportunity to network with executives who have a wealth of industry experience and genuine interest in helping your company develop.

+ Who are the other startups and how many do you accept?

We believe in a ‘Quality not Quantity’ approach. We generally take 12 of the highest quality startups, preferring a smaller number of carefully curated companies that stand to gain the most from our immersive growth programme. We also aim to vary the startups on our cohort - we believe that a cohort encompassing a wide range of services will better create a community that fosters communication and collaboration.

+ Will you include startups working on competing ideas/solutions within the same cohort?

No, we ensure there is adequate differentiation between all the startups in our programme.



+ What's Momentum’s background?

The Momentum team has been running programmes for the past 3 years focusing mainly on early stage startups. We observed that many of our cohort members were not taking full advantage from the opportunities which were generated during the programme due to lack of funding, business development acumen or product completion. For this reason we have decided to bring our experience to deliver these opportunities to startups which have a developed product, have a business development mindset and have gone through rounds of financing which make them prepared to grow at pace.

+ What's in it for ambassadors?

We're already working with dozens of senior level ambassadors from companies like Ford, Domino’s, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Bupa, Costa Coffee, eBay, Argos, and many more who volunteer their time and experience. The main reasons most of them have joined our programme are:

a. Giving back to others. Share their decades of experience to young entrepreneurs trying to change the world.

b. Keeping an eye on new developments. Many of these startups come up with new concepts which can be integrated into their own businesses. They want to have first access to these developments.

c. Future advisor roles. Many startups require senior advisors to join their boards, so this is a great opportunity to join from early on.

+ What should startups expect from the ambassadors?

The startups are looking for ambassadors who can help them with insight and advice regarding how to navigate the corporate channels, what markets to target and trends, what consumers look for in a product based on industry experience and facilitate any potential introductions within your network.

+ What level of commitment is required?

There is no formal commitment from ambassadors to engage with the startups, but we’re confident that we will be able to match each of our startups to the right ambassadors. The level of engagement expected from ambassadors is as little or as much as they want. If there's a startup that they are interested in after the Ambassadors evening event we will facilitate the introduction to have an initial conversation. It's up to them how many startups and how many times they want to engage.

+ What are some examples of startups on your programme?

Our startups all have a B2B or B2B2C focus which are revenue generating or post seed, where a majority of customers are SME’s but looking to shift into large corporates. A summary of startups currently in application for the next programme can be made available upon request.

You can vew our previous cohorts here.

+ How does the matchmaking process work?

We provide the startups with a list of our ambassadors’ profiles and ask them to choose who they would like to engage with. We then follow the same process with ambassadors, after which we are able to generate some productive initial meetings. The Ambassadors evening is the perfect opportunity to identify who you want to meet with.

+ What are the masterclasses about?

The masterclasses are focused on establishing the building blocks the startups require to engage with larger corporations. The topics we provide our experts are business development, setting up sales teams, storytelling and product positioning, impact that scaling has on the rest of the organisation, amongst many other areas required to scale a business.

+ What makes you different to all the other incubators and accelerators in London?

Incubators focus on very early stage startups providing support to build a prototype or product. Accelerators, on the other hand, focus on helping them complete their product, build their teams and raise funding. We have identified that one of the key challenges larger startups have is to validate their proposition with large enterprises and choose the most effective industry vertical to focus on as they look to aquire corporate clients. Our programme is the first to help startups work on their business development skills and structure, while introducing them to a second-to-none network of senior executives who are able to provide all the knowledge and introductions that they need.

+ What's the qualification criteria for ambassadors?

We welcome senior executive professionals from large corporates who have have experience in Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Operations, Digital and/or Finance. Previous mentorship experience is recommendable but especially important is their passion for technology, innovation and growth.